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In 2017, Press Foundry launched a new service to simplify premium website creation for small businesses. Today, we’re relaunching and recommitting to our Core offering, and expanding it to any kind of microsite! Whether you’re a Day-1 startup or an Enterprise business looking for an event page or experimental offering, Press Foundry can help bring your project to life on a minified timeline and budget.

Why we created Core

Since we began creating websites for individuals and small businesses several years ago, many clients have told us that their previous experiences in creating or managing websites were long, costly, and confusing. Small businesses often work on a budget, but that doesn’t mean that they should receive a second-rate website or restrict themselves within old, clunky, or proprietary systems.

Core is a service by Press Foundry which changes all of that. Working with Core, clients get a minified, rapid version of our proven development process at a fraction of the cost. You’ll receive the same great care, planning, and attention to detail while working in an environment that’s designed to put you on the fast track to results.

What’s available when using Core?

Everything! You’re able to use the same great WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify services as all Press Foundry projects, receive a private staging area, online billing and document signing, and much, much more. The only difference is the size / scope of the project, delivery timelines, and budget.

What is the Core development process like?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s what it looks like:

  1. Discover – At the beginning of your project, we plan how your website can simplify, improve, and grow your business. You get to explain, complain, maybe brag a bit, and dream big for your new home on the web. We translate those needs into a detailed project plan: sitemap, integrations list, branding, content, and functionality.
  2. Design – With the project strategy in hand, we’ll lay out each page template with sample content and review it together. This phase gives you the first look at your site as we collaborate with you and iterate on the fly – a picture really is worth a thousand words. After getting your feedback, we’ll kick off the development phase.
  3. Develop – Now to fill those beautiful designs with your content – text, images, videos, forms, etc. During this phase you get to watch the site come to life and begin experiencing it as a visitor would. We get out the wrenches and complete third-party integrations and some behind-the-scenes tech magic.
  4. Debut – Prior to launch, we’ll test your site on a variety of devices and browsers to ensure maximum compatibility. Once we receive your approval, our team will prepare the site for launch and make the transition during off-peak hours for minimal downtime and disruption. Your new site is live – cue the fireworks!

Where can I learn more about Core?

Head on over to our new service page for more info about Core, projects we’ve completed under this process, and more – we can’t wait to see you there!

Core Development by Press Foundry

Our team understands that you may have limited time and resources but still want professional services and results. With Core, we’ll build you a site that fits your needs and ideas so you’ll launch faster – for less.

Collin Matthews

Collin Matthews is the founder and director of web development at Press Foundry, a WordPress development agency based in Boston. He possesses over a decade of web development and design experience with clients ranging from local small businesses to enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. When he’s not working on innovative web projects, he is an avid runner and enjoys traveling domestically and around the globe.