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Brand & Web Design should be a breath of fresh air

Take your visual identity, User Interfaces, and User Experiences to the next level with cool, fresh designs from DesignMint, Press Foundry’s in-house creative studio.

Introducing DesignMint

For nearly a decade, Press Foundry has focused as a digital engineering agency, building custom web solutions for clients big and small. Good design is at the heart of what we consider when building each digital experience we’re responsible for – both frontend and backend.

With the need for delightful, intuitive, and inclusive digital experiences on the rise, Press Foundry is expanding our suite of services to now include brand design, UI + UX design, and more through our new in-house creative studio: DesignMint.

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Our Creative Services

Custom WordPress Theme Design

Bring your brand to life while leveraging the world’s most popular Content Management System.

Custom Shopify Ecommerce Theme Design

Take your ecommerce platform to the next level with a bespoke experience that is designed to convert.

User Interface and User Experience Design

Refine your website’s aesthetics and interactivity with the help of our talented team of designers.

Site Mapping and User Journeys

Make sense of the optimal path for your users to navigate your website.

Brand Touchups and Ground-Up Redesigns

Enhance your existing brand guidelines or go for a full makeover – either way, we’ll make sure you look great!

Custom Iconography and Illustrations

Establish a design language and graphics that are as unique as your organization and its offerings.

Looking to build something unique?

Press Foundry is experienced in building custom web platforms for clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise-level sites.

Our Creative Process

DesignMint projects – from logos and branding to marketing sites and ecommerce design – follow a collaborative and informed approach, every step of the way.

To kick things off, we’ll soak up as much info as we can – about your existing brand, your ideal target audience, your competitive landscape, and more. Gaining an early understanding helps us chart the best possible course for your project plan.

Once we’ve understood your requirements and inspirations, we’ll set out to assemble a custom creative project plan – outlining the tone, aesthetics, conversion strategy, and more.

Think of wireframes as skeletons or blueprints to your design. Whether logos, email templates, or websites – a wireframe outlines the structure and purpose of the design without distracting with the finer details (such as fonts, colors, imagery, and so on) just yet. This ensures we’re getting to the heart of the matter and truly solving you and your audience’s greatest needs.

Once your team has approved all assets in the Wireframe phase, it’s on to the decorative details! Here’s where we align font pairings, color palettes, iconography, photographic styling, and more into a detailed preview – exactly as it will look in its final incarnation in the wild.

Whether it’s a logo for your team’s branding use, an email template to be sent to the masses, or a website package ready to move on to the coding and technical implementation phase, our talented team of designers will ensure no pixels are out of place as they hand off the final, approved design assets in necessary formats. You’ll come out of the process with informed and inspired designs to take your brand and messaging to the next level!

Our Work

Clients who’ve experienced and benefitted from DesignMint’s creative strategy and implementation.

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