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Core Microsite Development

With Core, our rapid web development process, you’ll launch faster – for less.

Created for you, with no corners cut

Press Foundry is a digital design agency based in Boston. We create beautiful, scalable, and robust websites using the most powerful content management and ecommerce platforms in the world: WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Over the years, we’ve been listening to feedback from small businesses. Long project development times and five-figure investments don’t always work for smaller companies. (Or sometimes even large companies who need to move quickly.)

That’s why we built Core – to offer a scaled, rapid version of our proven process to businesses like yours.

Our team understands that you may have limited time and resources but still want professional services and results. With Core, we’ll build you a site that fits your needs and ideas… At your pace and on your budget.

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Platforms We Build On

Looking to build something unique?

Press Foundry is experienced in building custom web platforms for clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise-level sites.

Our 4D Launch Process

Core projects are built quickly but efficiently, which means we can take your project from concept to completion fast – without sacrificing quality.

At the beginning of your project, we’ll plan how your website can simplify, improve, and grow your business. We translate those benefits into project goals, a sitemap, and plans for functionality. You get to explain, complain, brag a bit, and dream big for your new home on the web.

With a project strategy in hand, we’ll lay out each page template with sample content and review it together. This phase will give you the first look at your site as we collaborate with you and iterate on the fly. After getting your feedback, we’ll kick off the development phase.

Here we’ll build on your beautiful design with your content: text, images, videos, forms, and more. During this phase, you’ll watch the site come to life and begin experiencing it as a visitor would. We’ll get out the wrenches and complete any third-party integrations we might need to put in place, as well as perform some behind-the-scenes tech magic.

Before we launch, we’ll test your site on various devices and browsers so it will look great to everyone who visits. Then, once we receive your approval, our team will prepare the site for launch and flip the switch. (During off-peak hours, of course, to ensure minimal downtime and disruption.) And you’ll see your new site live on the web, faster than you ever imagined. Cue the fireworks!

Our Work

Companies and organizations who’ve put their trust in Press Foundry and our Core process.

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