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Managed Service Partnerships

Keep your WordPress or Shopify website running optimally with the watchful eye of our team of experienced engineers. From routine plugin updates to security patches and performance diagnostics, we take the guesswork out of protecting your organization’s digital front door.

Why have an MSP?

Your website is your digital front door. Much like a home, normal wear and tear occurs over time, meaning maintenance is necessary to protect your investment and keep things running smoothly.

Press Foundry’s Managed Service Partnerships take the guesswork out of maintaining your website. You can focus on what you do best, and rest easy knowing your site is under the watchful eye of our team of experienced web engineers.

Protect Your Site

What’s Included?

  • Dedicated Press Foundry point of contact;
  • Access to MSP Priority Queue for all requests, ahead of non-MSP Press Foundry clients;
  • Monthly WordPress CMS and Plugin Updates, plus prioritized critical security patch implementations;
  • Ongoing Security Scans;
  • Page Performance Monitoring;
  • Site Uptime Tracking with Real-time Alerts;
  • Interactive Service Reports delivered monthly and quarterly;
  • Access to Workbench, Press Foundry’s client dashboard;
  • Access to Asana, Press Foundry’s project management app; and
  • Member rate on all Press Foundry engagements.

Site Uptime Monitoring on Every Partnership

All Press Foundry Managed Service Partnerships come with a dedicated dashboard to track and monitor your website’s uptime – every minute on the minute.

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