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What We Do

Press Foundry is a Boston-based WordPress agency that provides website strategy, design, development, and maintenance services for clients ranging in scale from small business to enterprise. By using some of the best development tools on the web, including WordPress for websites, and WooCommerce and Shopify for ecommerce, we help our clients tell their stories, meet their online business goals, and grow their brands.

Each site we craft is built to serve as the all-inclusive hub for your organization – with spokes such as email blasts, social media, ad campaigns, business cards and more all flowing traffic into your website. We create sites that work for you as your first truly 24/7 employee. The only question left is what to do with all your newly freed up time?

Our Process

What We're Doing

The first step we take with any project is to ask, listen, and learn. We’ll connect with you and your team to understand your current tech and business landscape, hear your desired future state, and look under the hood at existing infrastructure as necessary. Don’t have a website yet, or starting from scratch? We’ll work through blue-sky concepts with you to consider multiple angles.

What You're Doing

During the Discovery phase, you and your team will meet with our Client Success Manager, Strategy Lead, and designers/developers to share your project requirements, current limitations, and access to existing infrastructure (if applicable). This is where you share the whats and the whys of working together.

The result

At the conclusion of Discovery, our team will have the necessary details and insights to carry into the Strategy phase. By sharing your needs fully and transparently, we’ll be situated to create a well-informed project plan.

What We're Doing

Moving into the Strategy phase, our team will review the information and insights gathered in Discovery to build a detailed project plan. What’s the recommended tech stack? What is the implementation timeline and necessary investment? We’ll cover this and more in an in-depth package and ensure your team and ours are aligned before kicking off!

What You're Doing

Once we present the full project strategy and Statement of Work, your team will have a chance to review internally, ask questions as necessary, and collaborate with us once more to refine the project plan until everything is all-systems-go.

The Result

With a dialed-in and signed project plan, we’ll have a roadmap from concept to launch – and into the post-launch phase. We’ll have the clarity we need to deliver a world-class project and experience, and you’ll have the confidence that every key aspect has been addressed before we lift a pixel.

What We're Doing

If you’re including design work in your collaboration with us, our team will begin by creating the prescribed assets, reviewing with you at each checkpoint to ensure all aspects are covered: wireframes for high-level template layout and element placement, high-fidelity mockups for exact visuals of each page, and detailed iconography, illustrations, and videography to round it all out.

What You're Doing

At each design checkpoint – wireframes, hi-fi mocks, and detailed assets – our design team will present materials to you and your team for review. We encourage a collaborative workflow. Our team will gather and implement requested revisions as included in your scope, and will obtain full approvals prior to moving on to each next step of the design process.

The Result

At the conclusion of the Design phase, you’ll have a full, static preview of what your site, pages, elements, and assets will look like once coded and deployed. These mockups will serve as a blueprint for our development team to pick up in the next phase and build to specs.

What We're Doing

For any build project our development team tackles, the first order of business is establishing a private development environment where we –and you– will be able to work and preview the new build without any prying eyes or interruption to your current website. We’ll code out any front-end designs and templates, as well as build back-end dashboards, widgets, settings, and more.

What You're Doing

Once we reach the first meaningful development, we’ll share the access details with you so your team can log in and review both the front-end user view and the back-end admin dashboards. We’ll let you know which areas you can test and explore in so you begin to get familiar with the system before we go live!

The Result

Through a transparent, real-time collaborative development process, both teams will stay in sync on how things are looking and working. This allows us to get ahead of any potential bugs and even begin to populate content within the CMS.

What We're Doing

As the development process nears completion, our team of Developers, Strategists, and Account Managers will review the site for functional QA using a suite of testing tools – ensuring your system works as expected for site admins and users alike. We’ll fine-tune items as we encounter them so that everything is launch-ready by the time we hit the GO button. Once you’ve approved the final pass? Time to queue the fireworks!

What You're Doing

As we get into the testing and pre-launch period, we encourage active collaboration and testing from clients to ensure everything is ready to be unveiled with no stone unturned. Our team will work with you to review any questions you may have as you perform your own testing and review in parallel to ours. Once you’re ready, give the green light and we’ll take it from there!

The Result

At the end of this phase, your new site or project will be deployed and open for business. But the process doesn’t stop there. We’ve got your back and will continue to monitor and assist through our standard post-launch support period for every project, tweaking anything that may be needed as things settle into place.

What We're Doing

From routine plugin updates to security patches and performance diagnostics, we take the guesswork out of protecting your organization’s digital front door. We’ll keep your WordPress or Shopify website running optimally under the watchful eye of our team of experienced engineers.

What You're Doing

As we take care of the under-the-hood aspects of site maintenance, you’re able to view dashboards and reports related to your site performance, as well as submit any custom ad-hoc requests as your service plan allows.

The Result

Together, we’ll ensure your website stays ahead of the curve with the latest updates, patches, features, and edits – protecting your investment and providing a top-notch experience for both users and site admins.

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The Press Foundry Family

A suite of in-house teams, tools, and processes built to make your next web project a success.

Take your visual identity, User Interfaces, and User Experiences to the next level with cool, fresh designs from DesignMint – Press Foundry’s in-house creative studio.

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Only need the basics? Tight on time / resources to bring your site to life? We built Core to offer a scaled, rapid version of our proven process to businesses like yours.

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Honeycomb is a hive of robust WordPress plugins built by Press Foundry – based on years of learnings across industries. Manage your web content with ease.

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Josh comes from an extensive and diverse background in Client Services and Account Management. Throughout his professional career, he has utilized his passion for helping others, to help ensure Clients achieve their desired results. You can usually find him singing along to whatever song is playing in the background (bonus points if it’s Dave Matthews) or planning his next experience.

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At Press Foundry, we take pride in making the web a better place. That’s why for nearly ten years, our team has helped businesses—both locally and globally—launch beautiful, functional websites that drive engagement and sales online.

Whether you need help launching your first website or redesigning a million-dollar platform, we’d love to work together!