Press Foundry client Chamfr develops Chamfr Connect to help Medical Device Manufacturers combat COVID-19

Helping suppliers with excess capacity find and connect with OEMs that need their medical device expertise in tackling COVID-19.

Press Foundry is proud to have worked with our client Chamfr to create Chamfr Connect helping those on the front line stay safe while caring for family, friends, and colleagues.

Chamfr Connect will assist companies by connecting them with medical device supply chain experts, component manufacturers, and assemblers with excess capacity. Chamfr heard from suppliers inside and outside the medical device industry that want to help, and from critical care OEM’s and others who need help to quickly scale.

“Everyone wants to contribute and help during these unprecedented times. That’s why we created Chamfr Connect. It’s one place where companies can come together to post, search and view needs and capabilities for COVID related efforts,” says Katie Karmelek, CTO & Co-Founder of Chamfr.

“It helps quickly connect supply chains across multiple industries by tapping into the medical device network which is especially important during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“Time is of the essence, and a centralized communication hub will allow those in need to efficiently and transparently connect with those who can help,” said Collin Matthews, Founder and Director of Web Development at Press Foundry. “We were excited to partner with Chamfr, an ongoing Press Foundry client, to build and launch Chamfr Connect in less than a week from initial concept and allow users to begin collaborating as soon as possible.”

The Chamfr team wanted to create Chamfr Connect to help expedite and improve the efficiency of those looking to connect the supply chain pieces in an effort to respond to the exponential increase in demand needed to support patients globally. Time is critical. The ultimate goal is to  expedite the connection of companies in and outside the industry by providing one place for everyone to post, search and view needs and capabilities across the industry; ultimately helping to increase production of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and other COVID related medical equipment and supplies.

Chamfr Connect is simple, all you have to do is post whether you are:

Suppliers and OEMs are free to engage directly with each other on the network working closely via the chat feature and will receive notifications directly to their inbox when someone engages with their post. Users can also automatically link the post to all of their social media channels.

There are a lot of people focused on connecting the final supply chain pieces, but they need help to connect the upstream stages of the supply chain. Let’s join forces and help be part of the solution together.

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About Collin Matthews

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